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The biblical texts often tell that God cursed people from having tattoos, and God punished those who had them. However, the words tattoo and tattooed are often used in different contexts. One of the things these words mean is to cut marks, cut off body parts, and have them tattooed, so that they are visible to others. Thus, the word tattoo (translated literally “cut” in the Bible) is used in reference to cutting off body parts and in reference to tattoos.

So, tattooed means to remove a body part, and tattooed in Hebrew means to cut, cut, or cut off. Thus, tattooed may be used to mean to cut off physical or non-physical body parts such as feet, toes, or even eyes or nose, if they are visible to others. And by marking or marking a part, it is meant that someone is doing something to indicate that something is being done on them for a purpose.

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