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Well, the standard definition does not apply to me because, as you know, I’m not of the “traditional tattoo world.” In fact, my tattoo is more of an expression (and self-expression) than it is a “real tattoo” (or any other tattoo) on my skin. But the two are often mixed up. I think of it as a “self-expression or personal expression.” My tattoo is a physical representation of both my personality, my feelings, and my world, through my body. Like all of your tattoos, it’s a work of art and the work of a tattoo artist.

I get it. You want a good, tattooed tattoo. I don’t blame you. But maybe you don’t want a tattoo. Is the desire to have a good tattoo an ego issue that no longer exists for all the people who were once considered to be tattoo-obsessed? Can someone with a bad tattoo ever, ever, love a good tattoo? If so, I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, but I certainly know what it feels like to be a tattoo. My tattoo is part of who I am while at the same time, a work of art. And, it’s always been that way for me, never once questioning or feeling embarrassed by my tattoos. To be honest, for me, having the chance to have an ink tattoo was always an integral part of my personality, way before it eventually became a tattoo to me. It’s the reason why I started this blog, why I’ve become an Internet celebrity, and why the tattoo I’m writing about is now one of the highest grossing tattoo shops in the world. And, it’s the reason why I’m able to get my hands on almost anything that I want.

But, as always, when the day comes that you finally get “inked” and put on to the world, you’ll definitely want to know how to tell it apart from an actual tattoo. Here’s my “trademark tattoo,” the kind of one I actually get from the guy I’ve been dating for over a year. He’s tattooed his name and his initials (at the top of his head) on my back in black, with a red “t” across his neck. This is a good one to know if you’re interested in a “traditional” tattoo or not.
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If you have a preference for more “traditional” tattoos, here’s the answer. If you want something

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