What are the tattoo styles? – Simple Cross Tattoo Designs For Women Wrist Tattoo

These styles are generally a variation of the classic “shoulder to shoulder” or “shoulder to chest” motif, used by a variety of artists and trends in which one or both arm is tattooed. They range from the traditional “shoulder to shoulder” to more unusual designs in which the tattoo appears to have “come out of the body,” e.g. the torso of the “shoulder to chest” design.

Some of the more popular styles are shown below

Shoulder to Chest Styles

In the above picture, the arm is wearing the classic “shoulder to chest” designs. The shoulder to chest style, however, is also commonly known as “cross-arm.” This is an arm art form popularized by Russian artist P. I. Chavcharkov and his work (see my article on “Vladimir Gavrish” for more info). See “Cross-Arm Styles” for more info.

The above image shows other more common styles, including what’s commonly called “tradition” or a “sketch.” However, most of the traditional designs have a similar body shape, or at least, overlap. The above illustration of “cross-arm” is a common one. It’s basically a cross with a small tattoo in the center; the arms of both images, however, are very similar. This is one of the more common styles that can be drawn with a large needle in a very short time.

Here’s an illustration of “Cross-Arm” on another person’s arm

Note how the body of the tattoo appears to be the same as on both images. It’s very common for these types of designs to appear on men, but are also frequently used on women.

Cross-Arm Styles on Women

A similar shape to “Cross-Arm” but with very unique body shapes, the above illustration of “Cross-Arm” shows how the arms are similar to those of the “Cross-Arm” designs. The top of the leg, the top of the head, and the top of the torso appear close but still distinct. It’s often used on women in some form. This style is generally used especially by tattoo artists who have artistic training.

Another example of “Cross-Arm” on an arm

This image shows an arm from a tattooist in the US. The legs of the design are very similar to those of “Cross-Arm.” One interesting fact is that

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