What are meaningful tattoo ideas? – Small Basic Tattoo Ideas

At Avanta Tattoo Parlour, we make life and death decisions based upon what we believe will be the most meaningful for you, our client. If you can’t figure out your goals for you tattoo, we will help you figure it out for yourself. Our client base includes all sorts of celebrities from musicians to athletes to politicians. In the world of tattooing, we believe that having your own personal style with unique artwork is both fun and unique.

This is true for both the tattoo, and the body we create it for.

What are some of your favorite tattoo ideas?

Tattooing is the art of tattooing. The idea is to capture something with intent. If something isn’t in a shape or form that has a recognizable shape or shape, it becomes difficult.

When I first started tattooing I was a huge fan of Jack the Ripper. Jack was the one that created the name for the legendary tattoo artist Black Sunday, he was responsible for creating the original Jack the Ripper tattoo. What I saw in them was nothing, they were just shapes. As I worked at Tattoo Parlour I slowly grew to appreciate tattoos better. I could create tattoo designs of better proportions, with more depth and detail. It was the way I approached tattooing.

When I was younger my father was also a designer at Avanta Tattoo Parlour. He designed some incredible custom designs based upon what the client desired. He created some incredibly beautiful designs for people. His designs really stood out to me. I remember a lot of fun times with him.

I always say to my clients – “The more intricate your design is, the better your tattoo. The more it is unique it means you have a good design.”

What advice do you have for aspiring tattoo artists who are just getting their start?

Have fun!

We all come here for something different. For some, the tattooing world might be a bit overwhelming. It might take a little time to get to know yourself. If you take your time and don’t get rushed in any way, you will have a great tattoo. Our client base is diverse and we have many different styles; we offer a wide range of styles from classic barbed wire, to intricate lines and designs with metal detail and more.

For others, I believe in the idea of an ‘end result tattoo’ or what many artists say to me – “If it wasn’t for

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