Is tribal tattoos out of style? – Pirate Compass Rose Tattoo Designs

No. It is a great trend to have tattoos that are not too aggressive, no matter how strong they get…you can have a stronger style.

What are some of your more popular tribal styles?

I still like the Native American style and the Chinese tattoo style…the Native American style…I love that style for the man…the tribal style is so beautiful…the Chinese style…we like the Chinese style just for its style…just the tribal style…I love that.

Is it just a matter of finding a style that suits you and wants to pursue?

Well that is where you really have to look…the tribal tattoo or just for the woman…if you really want to look for something to be your signature, then you should just look at what the women that have been your family members. They will definitely have a style that suits you, they will have the shape of it that you are looking for…you can find what you want and you can do it and you can do it fast…I do it fast and I still have a good amount of money left to spend…If I keep going, that money has to last…and I still have the energy that I need.

Do you ever get bored with the Chinese?

I can see myself going to South America.

Your son is now 12. Is there a time where you wish he could follow in your footsteps?

I would like the chance to have tattoos with more traditional Chinese designs.

We are so proud to bring this interview with our dear friend and a living legend, John Pritchard. His tattoos are absolutely breathtaking. If he were here talking about Native American tattoos he would be a very happy man.

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