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Some tribal tattoos have remained popular across Asia, while others have faded away, including in India, Turkey and South Korea. In both cases, it is thanks to the advent of the Internet that the trend can be observed.

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What makes a tribal tattoo, or tattoo on the body, unique?

One of the defining factors for the US tattoo trend is the colour. Tribal tattoos are usually black or grey.

Some tribal tattoos are based on the colour of a person’s skin colour, while others feature the colour of the person’s ancestry. Native Americans often get tribal tattoos in honour of their ancestors, while Arabs are more likely to get tattoos in honour of their tribal group or tribe. Many tribal tattoos have symbolic representations – the sun, the moon, earth, fire and water – which can also be found in tribal tattoos in other nations.

Another element of traditional tattoos is the tattoo’s shape or design. In the past, tribal tattoos have been made with an arrow, a dog, a snake or an eagle. The shape may also be based on a person’s lineage, meaning their ancestors had some connection with the totem or totem pole. They may also be shaped in a way that reminds you of animals such as lions, tigers or bears.

It is not uncommon for tribal tattoos to have more than one design, which makes it easy for people to remember.

It all depends on a tattoo artist’s judgement but when a tattoo artist sees the tattoo, they usually put it together in a way that fits with their ideas, says Lisa Gullo, a tattoo artist in California who specializes in the tribal tattoo trend.

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Tribe tattoos

Tribe tattoos and tattoo designs are sometimes used in more contemporary forms. They are usually based on tribes.

Tradition-based tattoo traditions started in Japan in the 1920s, when people developed tribal tattoos based on their ancestors’ traditions.

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It has spread to Central Asia and Eastern Europe

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