Is there an app to design tattoos?

You have to learn how to draw, and how to put them on the skin without looking weird.

What if I don’t want my tattoos?

Well, then you don’t have to worry, ’cause there are tons of tattoo artists with custom tattoos. As you have a lot of tattoos that you need done, you will be able to find an amazing tattoo artist to provide you with a custom skin design.

Do I have to wait for a custom tattoo to be printed before I get one?

No. We do everything from skin art all the way to full tattooing services (which includes design).

Do you have a special policy with men?

Some people want to get tattoos for themselves. Other people would like to get tattoos for their partner. We don’t have a special policy on either gender, so if you need us you can always get an official tattoo artist to get on the list.

Can I get tattooed while I watch a movie or TV show?

Some people have asked if they can get tattooed in the theater while watching a show. No, you cannot. That would be weird.

Who is a good tattoo artist?

We do have a great tattoo artist working in New Mexico, so we always have our artists on hand. If you have any questions about getting a custom design, we can help you.

Can your tattoo artist give a custom design?

Yes, they can, however you may have to wait a lot.

Is there a minimum size to get a tattoo?

No. You can have a tattoo that is big for you, and small for someone else. For example, some people have bigger tattoos than others, so depending on what your body type is there may be some small differences within the tattoo.

Does a tattoo have to be completely covered?

Yes, most tattoo artists will do a full body tattoo so there is no need for you to cover all of the tattoo.

Will it hurt to get a tattoo?

We will cut and put the tattoo anywhere that you want. It can hurt a little bit sometimes, but it will heal back up!

Do you have a referral program for people who need tattooing services?

We don’t have one at the moment, but we know of a few people that have contacted us about getting tattoos.

Do you still work with people on the south side of Albuquerque?