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I always thought design for tattoos was a bit gimmicky. If you look at the people who design these tattoos it is usually very self focused. But there is an app named, The Tattoo Co.

It was the first app I’d seen in the app store that was actually designed for drawing tattoos, and it worked pretty well.

But how do you do your tattoo drawing on the iPad? As your friend says “the best way to be successful is to make the easiest tattoo possible.”

Well I can’t tell you exactly how it works. I tried it with some tattoos and I think the only one that worked well was the one where you draw in between the lines, I’m really good at trying to find that moment. But I couldn’t do it with all my own tattoos. But anyway I just drew a bunch of stuff and then I got feedback from a couple people that it was pretty funny how they made these little dots by just being very, very careful with the art and where they put their drawing pen. So that got me thinking “would I be able to incorporate that into the design?” So I’ve gone back and looked at some different things that I had done that were less like drawing and more like doing some kind of pattern work that got me started thinking about my art and how to use the iPad to do it. And that’s what’s really made me want to actually go down this path with this new tattoo app. That and the name, they’re pretty rad.

I noticed that the app is more of a design tool than an artist. As you can see the tattoos are more like sketches or collages, not just a series of blocks. How do you approach an artist or design for your own tattoo work?

It comes down to creating the piece as closely as possible to what you’re painting or drawing in your art journal. It’s really important that it’s a good design that’s not too abstract as well, it’s not going to make your style look like it’s trying to be too cartoonish. The way you create something good in art does not always translate into how it is printed or how it’s presented by a tattoo artist. It’s a good idea to have a very strict set of specifications. So the tattoo must contain the same number of vertical lines, the same number of horizontal lines, and that it should be made with a material like leather, latex, or something like that.
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