Is there an app to design tattoos? – Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs

A word of caution: I don’t know of a tattoo artist, tattoo style or company who doesn’t have a tattoo app. (The Tattoo Design Company also has an app called “Fancy.”) I didn’t include this link in the photo above, but you can easily create an app by using some basic HTML, a few simple tables, and a few webpages.

To do this, you just need some HTML (you don’t need any Flash), Javascript, and your website. (If you use Google Analytics you should check out the web analytics report on you website to make sure that the image appears on Google Images.)

The problem with using the HTML code is that you can’t add images, but if you have Adobe Photoshop you can get an image to replace text in the HTML code (if that is your case).

The problem about using the Javascript is that it gets fired everytime you open that page in Google Chrome, and that gets the attention of every user of that website. The best way to handle that is to have a simple button you can click that says “Add image,” and that will insert a new image in the HTML code. (Remember how we said that the HTML code isn’t always a good design choice? If it’s a poor design choice it can ruin an image’s exposure. The HTML codes in this app are much more user friendly in terms of how they work.)

You should also check out the photo below; I used this in the screenshot above, and since I had to use this to keep the URL in the image I didn’t bother to add any branding at all.

If you just want to add text, you could write it as plain text without an image. (The original text might look a bit silly, but the text will be readable to people without eye pressure.)

You’ll never need to change the image code, so if you have an app for Windows Phone it’s probably already doing that for you.

You don’t need a tattoo app to customize your phone, though you definitely want to get the idea of what you want to have on your skin, even if it’s just a few lines (a few pixels) from the edge of your head. So, in the first screenshot below, I’ve attached this image of my head to a web browser. With this image on the left I’ve added a dot of black to the right of my head to show where I want it to go in the design

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