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Well, of course it is. I had my first experience with this school at 8 years old when I got picked up by my mom, Mrs. Williams. She was trying to get me a private school and her dream was to be a teacher. She said the school I wanted to go to, I had to take it. She knew that her home was no place to be a child. She also said that because I was a teenager, they wouldn’t be able to provide childcare. This really affected my whole mind as a young child and what the future could hold.

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When I was a little brother, my mom would buy me all sorts of wonderful things like a car and an Xbox, which I used to play Halo 1 and 2 with my dad. After I got to elementary school, Dad wanted another Xbox to replace my dad’s old one. We used to be able to just sit down in the living room with him playing Super Smash Bros. I used to watch him play, I don’t even want to tell you the exact thing but I did watch the matches back and forth with my dad. My dad was a sports guy.

My parents had always wanted to adopt a child. They had an older son, Sam, I think it was him, older brother who also wanted to adopt a child and my sister who was 8 and we never got along at all. My mom didn’t like it when we said that we wanted a sister because she thought that it would make life so much harder on the older brother as a child and he didn’t want to look like me. That left us with my younger brother James, who was 2 and my oldest brother James Jr. at 4. He wasn’t a happy camper. There was so much screaming, arguing and crying from every angle and his voice would start to break. My mom, however, was very supportive and always believed that this was something that she could do. My step mom and I would sit in the car every day, watch TV with her while James and I would argue and do whatever we could to try and get them to do what was best for the child of their choosing, the adoptive family. They would try and reason with us saying that this is just how the world works and that we have to accept it. We didn’t like that because we felt that this was a life that was so unfair. But it’s what you make of it.

When the family found out that a foster family was putting them up for adoption, it was

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