Is Moana a Samoan?

While the question marks have been present all over since its release last month, there is a new sign that the Disney blockbuster is indeed a Samoan title. The cast of Moana featured none other than legendary actor Samoan musician Leota Masego onscreen on Thursday as the title character. Masego’s performance was a highlight in Moana’s grand reveal, as he voiced the character’s voice and showed off his amazing singing skills. It is clear from the video that Masego was cast as the new Moana not for his musical prowess, but because there was such a strong connection between him and the film’s protagonist.

It is not immediately clear if Moana’s cast is a Samoan or American cast, but if its Samoan cast is the one that’s keeping us in the dark, then that might indicate the director’s desire to do something different with the film. However, the cast of Moana could just be making a joke at Disney’s expense! Either way, it certainly raises interesting questions that could be answered soon.

What do you think about Moana’s casting? Who do you think the Samoan musician Samoans are? Is Moana truly set in the Pacific Islands or is the answer to this question still a mystery? Sound off below!

Source: ABC Family

Thanks to Tasha Nunez for bringing this to our attention!

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