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Would I be able to understand a book if the first verse appeared in blue ink? Yes, but only because the meaning was clear to me at the time.

Would the words in the Bible be as interesting to a non Christian? Yes, but only if that interpretation was consistent with what was happening in my life.

Would I become a good Christian if I took the Bible literally? Definitely.

Would I feel better if I stopped reading the Bible? Definitely.

Would I get through the day without eating pork? No.

Would my life change if I quit eating pork? Yes.

Would my life be worse if I stopped eating pork? Yes.

Would the Bible be clearer if the first verse was left blank? Most likely.

Would you be able to comprehend the Bible if there was no first verse? Yes, if I would stop trying to make sense of it.

Would you be able to understand the Bible if there was no first verse? No, because the first verse is the foundation and basis of everything important to follow the Bible.

(CNN) — In the months leading up to the November elections, thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters rallied in Los Angeles and other cities across California with hopes of defeating Hillary Clinton. But in the end, many of his supporters were left feeling frustrated and disillusioned because Hillary Clinton’s campaign never really had a real chance to win.

In fact, many of them never even turned out to vote. CNN looked at voter registration statistics across California , where a total of 16.2 million people are registered to vote. A quarter of California’s population is a member of the Democratic or Republican party; some of those parties have more members, others not. And it’s important to note that the Democratic Party has fewer voters, too.

Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver said his campaign actually had more registrations than Clinton’s in California. But the difference may have come down to the fact that more people registered as Democrats for the election — just 9.1% of registered Democrats registered as Republicans. But when we compared Clinton’s registration statistics with Sanders, the Democratic Party registration rate actually dropped.

Weaver said, “The registration rate for both presidential campaigns was slightly higher than what we’ve had in the past, including in 2004, but we also saw a significant drop in 2008 when the race was tight in California.”

Weaver went on to say that “despite the surge in Democratic registration since the

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