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Answer: The Holy Koran permits Muslims to eat pork, for example on days of Eid, Eid al-Adha holiday, Hajj, etc.

Question: “I used to eat pork, now I’m vegetarian.”
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Answer: Muslim is not limited to vegetarianism, and eating pork has the same legal status as eating beef, mutton etc.

Question: “What kind of fish is edible at Eid?”

Answer: According to an article on The Times of India, Fish and seafood like shrimp, mussels, octopus and clams are permissible in Eid.

Question: “I’m from an Arab family, but I’m not happy with my family’s eating habits. Why don’t you do something about it? Aren’t we supposed to be so much more virtuous?”

Answer: This is a great question! Islam is not to blame. Muslims are the ones who have been commanded to live by Allah’s laws and not the people of the world.

(Amit Shah has worked as a Muslim for more than 40 years and is in the process of converting his family to Christianity.)

Question: “There’s a saying that goes like this – if you eat with your Muslim family while they’re eating, the family will be good Muslim family after all, and if you eat with your Muslim family while they’re eating, you’ll be a vegetarian!” What about people who are vegetarian when they’re not with their family?

Answer: If they’re dining with their family, they are free to keep their vegetarian diet, if food’s not available in the house, the family is obligated to eat.

Question: “My family is eating beef for Eid. Is this a sin?”

Answer: “Yes” Muslims can be strict with their consumption of beef, if they’re strict with their fast, then it’s a sin. But for those who do not eat beef, it’s not a sin, but is merely an issue of taste.

Question: “You only have seven days to perform the fast? Why can’t I perform Eid without eating for seven days?”

Answer: Eid al-‘Adha is the holiest day of the year, and the Muslims are obliged to fast from sunrise to sunset. On other days, fasting is not mandatory. Therefore, one can fast on any day to perform the fast.

Question: “What about the month of Ramadan? What is it like fasting between Ramadan and Eid? What

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