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We started by thinking through this question: How do we give something that is an extension of yourself, something that is an integral part of who you are, but is also something that is a reflection on who you are today? The answer was not hard to find. We started by exploring how people feel about their body with tattoos. We got into the research of tattoo designs and the artists that offer tattoos that fit their bodies. How do people feel about the body when they get a tattoo? What is it about that body that a tattoo artist could relate to, and what kind of person they could create into a tattoo? We started to look at the body through the lens of someone that is very aware of what their body looks like. We looked through history to see how people have felt about their bodies and how they have been influenced by art or artists. From this information, we narrowed it down based on a couple key attributes or topics to create the idea for the tattoo. We wanted the tattoo to reflect an integral part of who a person is, but something that was a reflection on who that person is today. In many cases we felt like we would need to include the tattoo artist’s thoughts about what they like or want to say with their own body, as in: How did you feel about your body to incorporate the art? How did your art, art that you love, make you feel? How did your art or art that creates a connection in you, that makes you feel, make you feel? We wanted the artist’s ideas to be reflected along with the body that they were tattooed in. The next phase would be developing the idea. How do you get the right idea and not be influenced by the artist, who might have some artistic influences that they wouldn’t normally. We came up with the idea of combining the tattoo artist with the artist’s idea through a process of asking people about their feelings about tattoos. What can you tell us about your art? What do you like about the art that you have or feel connected to with a tattoo? How did you feel about the tattoo that you chose? How do you feel that the tattoo feels? What is it about a tattoo artist that you admire? How do you feel about a tattoo that you are thinking about? When do you think that you will receive that tattoo? We started working out how we wanted to incorporate this process and how to achieve that as a tattoo artist. It is the same process that we used when designing an art book. The question was: How do we make
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