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It is true that tattoos will last longer if the skin is aged and it also depends on the type of tattoo. For example, an image of a bull’s face is not as strong as a large, colourful tattoo with a lot of details.

For example, a large, colourful tattoo with a lot of details

The same image, which is more common in Asia and Africa than in Europe, will last longer in most people. But the difference is much greater in some other parts of the world.

For example, the image below is from the European region and would have started to fade and fall off as an adult when it was first painted.

The exact same image
Triathlon Tattoo | Tatuagem masculina, Tatuagem, Tatuagem ...

Tattoos such as this are typically the result of the pigmentation of the skin being affected by time and sun while it retains the pigment from a previous period of sun exposure.

Some tattoos are naturally darker than others to compensate for this and people have been tattooing since they were young when these tattoos first appeared.

They then progress to being more distinctive and it is much easier to change the tattoo to make it more prominent without having to go back to get another.

What is realistic tattooing?

It is said that people are not naturally artistic as they have poor eye perception. Tattoos however are very useful if they are done well.

Tattoos that are considered realistic do not need to be expensive or the same. For instance some people will say they will not be able to change the tattoo if they have to pay $100 for it.

What would I like as an added bonus?

The number of tattoos has been increasing in popularity for many years and many people want more. Even though people who want more than 40 tattoos would say they want to be honest with their friends about their intentions, most would not want 40 different tattoos across the body.

It is suggested that people start with a small number and try to decide more. This may involve looking for some art from a tattoo artist that will suit your desired tattoo or you may go down the easy route and buy a large tattoo, but if that is not what you want, try to find another tattoo artist who is able to do a limited number of tattoos.

There is a significant difference between getting a tattoo from a professional and someone you have seen at a show or two; you probably will not be getting the same results.

There are some examples of well recognised tattoo artists who specialize in

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