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I have no problem with tattoos that are pretty realistic. This is what I do, I am tattoo specialist in my shop, I know what all the issues are and I am not afraid to let the clients know. I see and understand the problems people are facing and I try to offer solutions. Tattoos that are too realistic will just get a bad name, and I understand that we live in a society that is not accepting of the truth and that many of us are still trying to get over the shock of seeing the results that we wanted.

The best tattoos can be a mix of reality and art, and I try to offer both in a single tattoo as many people have requests for both parts, whether it’s a face, or a tattoo for a child or friend. Some people are willing to go in the more extreme or even experimental part of the spectrum, but even then I hope they don’t stay in there for too long. I usually only do the realistic part with the client, and I am not a fan of extreme realism tattoos.

How would you explain the idea of the tattoo on your thigh or thighbone?

This is the first time I have come across this idea before, and it sounds fascinating. I think the idea of the tattoo on the thighbone is very interesting, because you could apply the art part on the thigh without touching the face and body. I have always loved the idea of a tattoo on the thighbone and I have used this as the base for most of my work, but this time for me it was a challenge. It is also very important to me to provide something unique, something with a story, because people are still trying to accept tattoos that have a real story around them.

Can you discuss the history of tattoos including tattoos for women and children?

If you ask anyone who has had tattoos at one point, they will tell you exactly the same story, that is no one knows anything about tattoos and I think that is very true. This is also because tattooing is a very personal thing to most people. It is not something that you will find on any kind of mass media, and it is difficult to get people to give tattoos to someone who does not want one. I have seen the majority of the younger crowd have tattoos when they were teenagers, and it was a very exciting time to be a tattoo artist. The only ones that still get tattoos (and not very much anymore) are people in their 20s, 30s and 40s

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