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They do. In this place?”

“We use all kinds of things to protect ourselves from mosquitoes,” he replied.

Then he started walking around the area.

“And what was your objective, to take out the mosquitoes?” I asked in a calm voice.

“The goal was to protect people. There were several people here and there were a lot of people,” he answered.

“We will get rid of all these mosquitoes in the next two days,” he said.

“That will be good.”

My friend, Mr. Lee Jun-koo, then joined us again. He started to talk to the mosquitoes, telling them that they had to leave us, so that they cannot cause any harm to our families.

“I feel sad to see that.”

Some of the children began to cry. They were trying to be nice to the mosquitoes. We heard that some children even tried taking one of them with them when they were leaving.

At that time, the sun was beating down hard on us. But Mr. Lee said, “Come on, do not be so miserable. You would not like to be sad in the next two days.”

With these words, we decided to go to the city center where the school is.

The mosquitoes were not getting very many.

And, on the bus, many people were weeping as the children we picked up looked at them.

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Because the temperature would change the next couple of days, it is very useful not to tell them what to do, when to come home and when to go to the school. They should think that they are living in a city. The kids will be sad without their mother.

But, we decided to go to the local restaurant.

Because I knew that I had to talk to these mosquitos from time to time.

So I took out my notebook and began to write.

One thing that I want to convey to them with this notebook is that we are all human beings and there are a lot of bad things. We are not only good, but also bad at times. We are not a perfect family. Not even close. We are also not happy when people get angry. That is not normal and it must be changed.

I will talk about that.

I also want to talk about that. I will talk about that.

But I have something important to say first. Because this

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