Can you go to heaven with tattoos? – Best Flower Tattoo Designs For Men

A lot of people think so. That’s okay because God doesn’t care. He only cares whether you believe in him, don’t you think? Well, I will share with you that if you are a human and still think you have a chance of going to heaven with tattoos, we have just the answer.

Here are 10 tattoos that are sure signs of eternal salvation, just like the 10 commandments, and no other way of knowing.

Here’s the full list of tattoos that will make you a Christian. If we could only convince 1 person (for every 1 person we convert who does not have a tattoo) to get a tattoo, I am so overwhelmed at how much we would love for all of you to give your body a little face-lift.

[1] God doesn’t give a damn if you have no tattoos or a devilish appearance.

[2] If tattooed you will never go to heaven.

[3] You can’t have one tattoo you hate, because one tattoo is forever.

[4] You will have a great tattooed face with no hair

[5] No matter how beautiful you are the tattoos will be the worst because they will show you were born like we are.

[6] No matter if you are happy or sad the tattoos will show you were born this way.

[7] We were not made to have these tattoos, we chose them!

[8] God will make you a person to love yourself even more than you hate yourself now.

[9] The most painful part will be gone with your tattoos. (But only for now!)

[10] You’ll have a lot of tattoos!

[11] Because God will love them that much. (This last tattoo was really scary)

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The only way to truly know a thing is through an act of faith, then only can you truly love it. – Thomas Sowell

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