Can Catholics get tattoos? – Cute Tattoos On Pinterest

Yes, but please read and understand our policies before you proceed.

Is tattooing a sin?

Only if done by a health care professional.

If you have an addiction you know can be worked up easily, or if you are pregnant or have a child, a tattoo will not be permissible. This includes:

Abusive or offensive symbols


Pro-life symbols/images


Wear of religious or political insignia

Prolonged fasting / fasting

Literal or graphic images of animals

Ritual rituals

Slavery and/or slavery

Vestments and/or jewelry

Sodomy, including lesbianism

Other obscene images of others

The use of animals

The use of the word devil

Prohibited material in the body of men or women including:


Virtue and/or virtue symbols

Prohibited materials in the body of women or children include:




Abdominal hair

Face painting or piercings



Hair or body piercing

Breast or genital piercing

Clothing symbols

Shoes or sandals

Lipstick symbols

Ears or other ears

Hair styles


Hair type

Shoes or other shoes

Hair or face paint or piercings

Piercings of the genitalia

Body ornamentation is permissible if its purpose (a physical symbol of a good or service) does not violate our rules.

Do you allow tattoos at Catholic places at all?

Yes. Catholic Bodies in Schools and on Public Property are subject to the same rules, and any other Church property is considered private property.

When is tattooing and skin piercing illegal?

It’s illegal to get or have skin pierced, unless it’s done by a trained professional nurse.

The only exception is if performed on “bodily parts of people engaged in a legal activity.” These items are prohibited when performed in the following cases:

Masturbation (with consent, under sterile conditions)

Admission (with consent, under sterile conditions)

Grafting (with

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