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Samoan tattoo artists may be seen offering the tattoo, however; they need to submit a photo to the tattoo parlour which the parlour is responsible for. This takes some time and may take many weeks, depending on the complexity of the tattoo and if they have the capacity to make an appointment with the tattooist.

Will I be able to take tattoos to the beach?

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Although it is more common to take tattoos to an actual beach, this is not a good idea, because sharks are attracted to the chemicals in sharks eyes. The tattoos should not be placed in or on any protected body part, nor on anything that is likely to be touched or manipulated immediately (like a beach towel). If you do decide to go on holiday with a tattoo you should make yourself well aware of the danger.

How to get my tattoo?

To make sure that your ink is as safe as it can be, we recommend using an ink that has been tested for toxicity, but there are no guarantees with ink from the same manufacturer.

There are a few main forms of tattoo that are recommended to be taken to the beach, but others can be applied by the skin of the body. We would like to note that the ink used to achieve the tattoo may be used to colour some tattoos, although the colour itself does not alter the substance of the tattoo.

The most common way of tattooing on the body is to apply a tattoo at the temple or on your wrist, where the tattooed area is in contact with a lot of the skin’s surface.

There are a few other types of tattoos on the body and these are not required as part of a skin-patch or as part of a tattoo. For example, a tattoo on the chest to mark a family member and also on the hands are not required.

If you are planning onto having a skin-patch then, instead of a tattoo, you should be able to have a ‘mark’ made directly on the chest which marks the place where the tattoo will be visible from a distance. The purpose of this is to make sure that you aren’t leaving traces of the tattoo. A tattoo may be added on the palm and an outline of the skin is left there for the tattoo to be noticed. If you do this you are effectively doing permanent skin-sensing.

It is possible to choose a tattoo that has one or several small tattoos that are covered at the back for maximum concealability. There are other types

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