Can anyone get Samoan tattoos? – Tattoo Designs For Girls

No, because it is dangerous for Samoans to do so. They are well aware that in some cultures tattoos are considered unclean, so there is a lot of fear involved. So people don’t do them. The tattoo shops don’t know about it. People take them instead because it is a cheaper operation. Many people who have the tattoos are married, so I don’t know why they are getting them. People that do not get tattoos are the first people that go to a doctor because they are very embarrassed by it. People who get them are not worried about it.

When did Samoans start tattooing themselves?

The first tattooing happened in 1970. There was no culture that allowed it. Now people do it as a way of life. A tattoo of my family’s name is one of them. But not everyone is allowed to do that. People do it just for themselves. They are just not in the majority. If someone was to choose not to do it, it would be the same.

How long have people got tattooed?

There are probably some people that have been doing it longer than me.

What makes you think this culture and society would allow it?

Because we are living in a time where things are changing all the time, when people start going to the doctor or to a pharmacist for their health, who can get rid of what they can possibly do but don’t touch anything? Who can get rid of what was the culture when they were living?

The tattoos are getting to make people even more uncomfortable and this is the only way I can see to avoid people going there just to be tatted on. There should be a place where they can get tattoos that are just about being with people they share that relationship with. And that’s it, they shouldn’t get them because they’ll have nothing to relate to.

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