Can anyone get Samoan tattoos? – Philippine Tribal Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Samoan artist, Sam Molloy, has designed this series of tattoos for his clients. Sam also writes an inspirational blog called Samoan Tattoo Advice.

1. What is the best tattoo for you (not necessarily your gender, age, ethnicity or anything else)?

I love all the tattoos because when I look at them, I can make the person in the space feel special for a while if they want. My faves would be the ones where the colour and design have to come out very close, as well as a big picture with lots of words that show a person’s connection to the space in a way that makes the space feel special to them.

2. What are you most concerned with when designing tattoos, and why do you do what you do?

There are so many concerns, so when I say worry, I know what you are thinking. I get too many questions about this, so I am not sure which is better.
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3. What’s the first tattoo you got and why was it your favorite?

The first tattoo I received was a tattoo of a fish on my neck. What you read as “fish” really is a tiny whale or an octopus.

4. What’s yours be?

My face, which is the reason why I choose it, but I also get a tattoo of my girlfriend, who is my partner in crime when I am around her. For her, I am her little brother. One day, our two legs became intertwined and then we took to the seas.

5. What do you think of tattoo-related fashion trends?

I love my designs, but I cannot help but feel sorry for the tattoos that are just not cool enough.

I feel the tattoo world is so overcrowded with so much product!

6. What’s something you’re afraid of?

Possible attacks by vampires.

7. What’s something you love most about your work?

I feel the tattoo world is so overcrowded with so much product!

8. If you could have a million dollars, what would you buy it for?

A yacht! Or a house. And more tattoos.

9. Would you do it again?

I’d definitely do it again, but it would cost just as much as I currently do!

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