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The European Union is warning that the “disastrous” decision to withdraw from the European single market and single market customs unions risks creating deep political and economic problems in the EU.

The European Commission said Saturday that it had sent a letter of grave concern directly to all member states to explain its concerns in relation to Article 50 of the EU Treaty which triggers a two-year exit, beginning after March 29.

The UK has already triggered Article 50 and formally notified the European Parliament that it intends to withdraw from the existing arrangements.

Last week’s referendum prompted Theresa May to call a snap election. However, May has since indicated that she intends to invoke Article 50 even before Parliament formally ratifies the plan, which is expected to take place within 18 months.

The Commission said that it was in close contact with the UK government and the government said it intended to start the formal exit negotiations before Article 50 has even officially passed Parliament.

The UK now has 90 days to invoke Article 50 as a condition for its exit, but this period could be extended if there are additional EU obligations that need to be met before March 2019, such as financial contributions.

May’s Conservative Party has said that the UK will honour these obligations but has yet to rule out invoking Article 50 at any time.

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“We would prefer the UK to use the next 90 days instead of the two years that were originally scheduled, but we have been assured by the UK authorities that this is not going to happen,” the Commission said.

“Furthermore, it is extremely important to us that the UK does not use the timetable to set the terms for the departure of EU member states.”

In response, the UK Ministry of Brexit, said: “EU officials are already making contingency plans for the uncertainty and uncertainty caused by the election outcome.”

The EU letter of grave concern said that it was concerned about “the effect of Brexit” on the 28/28 nations, and on the “future relationship” of the EU as an “intact single market and customs union” as envisaged by the 1992 Maastricht Treaty.

“EU member states have repeatedly said that without effective border control, without clear commitments from the UK that they will respect each others’ laws and that they will respect the free movement of workers,