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I want to get a tribal tattoo.” (Mixed reaction from a lot of people I talked to.) Why do you want a tribal tattoo so your kids can hang around you? In a way, it’s a form of self-expression. I felt like tribal symbolism is really important to me because it’s my tribe. I think the children of tribal tattooers would like to hang around our parents and really want to learn the ways and traditions of what it means to be indigenous. I think my kids are a bunch of cool tribal kids. I think they have that same sense of pride and that same feeling in their DNA that I did when I first saw it.

On whether he has a tattoo of his own: “I had this white tattoo before I had the tribal tattoo. My dad had the tattoo at the beginning of my life so it’s stuck with me. My wife and kids have the tribal tattoos also. You can’t tell me that tribal or not, it’s like a part of us. I’ve always been able to see the beauty in everything and I love that in my blood. I look at it as, this is where we come from.”

I have been using this for a month and a half; I can see absolutely no change in my skin. I do have some acne on the left side of my face however, but it tends to go away after a couple of weeks of wearing this. It also seems to help some people with breakouts too. I do wish the pump used was not so large, it feels more like the full size bottle and it is a little bit easier to squeeze the contents of the pump to get everything in and out of the bottle.


Tribal Tattoo Designs Vector and Photoshop Brush Pack-03
Great product

No need for a pump to get full product out


It is a bit awkward squeezing and trying to pump

I’ve not noticed a difference in texture of any texture

It is a little bulky

Would I recommend this to someone?

I’d recommend this to anyone. It helps a lot with acne and it doesn’t bother me at all. I use this for everyday and if you are looking for a good moisturiser it beats the hell out of a cream.

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