Can anyone get a tribal tattoo? – Cool Small Tattoo Drawings

Any suggestions?

My brother started taking care of my tattoos. We had a very successful relationship but last summer broke up.

I can’t get my own tattoo. It would be kind of funny to go in the street with a girl and get a tribal tattoo. I think that is kinda disrespectful. But I am always in contact with them, so…

Which tattoo should I get?

I will get my tribal tattoo on my back when I finish my studies. I think getting one is a small price to pay for being able to read and write so well. I also enjoy the tribal music that goes with it.

Also, I love old school movies like Aliens

It’s also fun to have my own tattoo, not really much to say about the others.

Would you like to get a tattoo?

Nah, no! I don’t want to have a tattoo, as I am too old already for this.

My brother always took care of the tattoos, so…

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