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If so, can any of her children become church-members or be sent to the church? We can only hope that she will decide to remain part of the Church. If she does, and her children become more Catholic, what then? If she does not, what then? If she does, however, her children will have married outside the Church and are outside the community of the Church. They cannot be considered Catholic either. So, if she marries another man or woman or has more than one child, she loses the right to ever be considered a Catholic. If she has more than one child, she loses the right to be considered a Catholic. Her children, for the time being, also lose their original identity and will never know the church, the Church Body. This may also affect the children’s families and relationships with church and family members. So, what do you do about this situation, and also with divorced Catholics and other non-adulterous Catholics? I know many would prefer to stay divorced. However, they will get the right and proper help to overcome their problem if they choose to remain married; but it is their choice, so it has no right to force them to do. But, if they are seeking to separate, their options to remedy this matter with a divorce are the same as for those whose marriage has not lasted as long as theirs. First, the Catholic Bishop can do everything within his power, even if those involved might not agree with the decisions he makes to be of help. However, there may be a conflict with the marriage vows, or even with the Catholic Magisterium, that is justifiable enough that the Bishop or the Magisterium can, and may, refuse to enforce it. If the family wants to keep the marriage, the family has the ability and the right to do so. It may also be the case that the family could have some kind of a non-binding agreement for non-adulterous Catholics not to marry until they are older and in a higher and more dignified position in the church or that the family could make a covenant with its Catholic children, if its older siblings wish. Some may argue that it is wrong to separate Catholics, but we are dealing with the Church and the laws of God. These are not just things that we can and should change. But, if you cannot find a solution to your marital problems or to your children’s problems, there are alternatives. For those who have given up on their marriage, the Church and its institutions are
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