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If you say otherwise, or they are forbidden, are the words of Islam haram? Is the way for them to get rid of tattoos of Muslims haram? Are they not to get them?


The words ‘forbidden’ should be taken as meaning to say ‘no’. ‘Forbidden’ means that a person is prohibited. They are not allowed to do something because you do not like it or the person you think is wrong is correct.” (From: Shaykh Muhammad Zakariyya (May Allah have mercy on him).)

The Shaykh’s comment on tattooing is that:

“I say as much as I can to save my readers from being misled; to make it clear that what I meant by the statement ‘Forbidden’ does not mean that tattooing is haram and not encouraged; nor does it mean that tattoos are haram, only that you should not be encouraged to get them” (A-Sharh Isma’iliyyah, Page 563).

Thus he stated that if a person needs to get a tattoo he should, rather than getting one he should simply make sure to avoid all those he does associate with a certain concept.

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The Shaykh says in relation to people with tattoos,

“It is not permissible to get a tattoo on the body. But it is permissible to get a tattoo on the body of a Muslim. And it is not necessary and permissible to get a tattoo on the body of a Jew.” (From A-Sharh Isma’il (pages 65 –66))

He makes other points which can be considered here.

In relation to women, he says,

“Wearing a tattoo with the words ‘forbidden by Allah’ or ‘haram’ on one’s body can be interpreted as a threat. A warning that someone may not have good intentions, and they may want to hurt you or your family. Some people who get tattoos can avoid this situation by removing the tattoo before they enter the country. If they do not remove the tattoo before leaving, they might do it while the country they have been in is still in process of being formed.”

In relation to people coming from Muslim countries, he says, that

“Do not fear from getting a tattoo since you are not afraid to get a tattoo from the non-Muslim people in the country you are coming from. A tattoo on the body of a Muslim can be a threat from the non

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