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There isn’t much love left for Microsoft, but there’s plenty of concern about the company’s future—especially when it comes to Windows 10, a new iteration of the platform with which all computer users are increasingly comfortable.

The company is working on something new, but it’s unlikely to be called simply Windows. What Microsoft will call its new operating system, and how it will differentiate, remains an open question, and it has its share of detractors.

So how exactly is the upcoming Creators Update expected to change the way we use computers and the software we use on them? That’s where we talk to those interested in what it will actually entail.

Here are our questions, from Microsoft’s point of view:

What’s a Creators Update?

First, the basics: The next version of Windows, Build 13233, is expected to launch some time by the end of next month in a “tentative” form, although some sources have suggested February 2017. The company is also working on bringing the Creators Update to some new PCs like the Surface 3 and other gadgets.

Does it have a name?

Yes, according to a source that asked not to be named. If it does, it’s “Windows 10 S,” a “S” abbreviation for “System-on-Chip.” We were told that Microsoft was not working on an official codename for the update.

Where will it roll out?

We heard Microsoft will not release the update to existing PCs, but will allow its customers who want to update to it to use an update utility like Windows Update to do it themselves.

How many updates will it contain?

The company plans to offer up to eight versions of Windows 10 during the Creators Update’s existence. We’ve heard that up to four, possibly including two new Windows 10 S versions, are in the works, but there was no official confirmation.

Can I move or delete my current PC during

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