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This is the most difficult part to answer, but it is not just because the topic is broad (that is why we are trying to get it right). You really want to answer it based on the kind of traders you like, the data you have, the traders you have worked with and the data you want. It has become more difficult to answer that question in the short term in the market, due to the low level of interest. In the long run, we will get better data to answer that question and it will help further develop the skills.

As of right now, I’m a huge fan of the “K-Punk” (which I use interchangeably with “Hardcore Punk” at my gigs), so I’m excited to hear about all the amazing shows being scheduled at the venue for my upcoming tour. The dates will be on the 2nd and 8th of December (I’m taking the 8th off so that I know I’m still going to be full of energy.)

My first two shows are in Dallas, and they’re going really well so far.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Dimebag Darrell, but I never heard of him until recently. This was when I stumbled across a fan’s YouTube video of him ripping through an early “B.E.T.Z” record in front of a live crowd. This started a whole process of checking out his music video archives, and he’s definitely someone I want to see for myself. I’ve always been a fan of his hardcore bootleggin’ chops, but his “B.E.T.Z” style has never really been my cup of tea (I love a cool, punk, thrash band that doesn’t bother me. There’s more to me than thrash.)

When I was a kid, I would’ve never realized that what I heard of his music was something that was going to go on to make him a legend in his own right. When I was a kid, I was always really into punk, but I did have a really deep appreciation for hard music. I still have that same love and appreciation for that kind of music today!

Today I’m excited to start working on my upcoming tour dates! As soon as I get an update on tour dates, I’ll tweet out when I’m heading out. Thanks for all the encouragement so far, and I really wanna see you all out there with me.


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