Which time frame is the best for swing trading? – Swing Trading Strategies That Work

The best time for us to trade with the best timing is generally between 3 and 3:30 PM Eastern. This would be the best for the majority of our users. We prefer to do the trading at 8:00 PM. Our users tend to trade at the 8:00 PM time frame, so we have a higher level of trust based on their behavior. They may be the first to buy at 8:00 PM.

For example, our top customer for this period traded at the 8:00 PM time frame. He was at his computer until 2:30 PM Eastern. When he logged in, there was nothing active on his screen. This is not how we want to run our site. It’s not what our users are looking for. The way we run our site was designed to get a low rate of trading activity so it can be maintained over time with low amount of trading activity.

We believe that with a low rate of trading activity for one or two hours, that we can have a large amount of trade activity before being affected. We do not believe in the 1 hour rule. With most of our users trading at 8:00 PM Eastern, they would never see a spike in activity, it would be all day without a hitch.

There is no guarantee of our trades making it to their final destination, but it is our intent for them to trade. With our trading system, we strive to have an up and down, not a constant one. We do not believe in the 1 hour rule and this can be seen by our trading statistics.

Should it be possible to get an exchange rate and put it to trade on an exchange?

It may seem far away, but we always make every effort to get our trades on an exchange. If it is possible to have a trading site like ours on our exchange, we will do our best to make it happen.

How are our users trading?

We run a lot of daily trading accounts with over 1,000 users all around the world and from all walks of life. The majority of our users are either traders, investors or both. There is always someone in that group who is trading or looking to trade.

How do we know the trading volume is correct for you?

You must be trading your own trades. That’s our policy.

I am on an older computer. How do you detect whether a machine is up to date with the latest version of Bitcoin?

We have

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