Which time frame is best for swing trading? – Swing Trading Basics

The time frame most accurately reflects how long an investor should be betting on stocks in relation to what the market is currently worth… and is most useful for day traders because it tends to accurately reflect the price of stocks during periods of volatility, when “big name” companies are making a lot of noise.”

It turns out that this is what Wall Street wanted, which is why they instituted a “rule” of thumb in the year 1990 that says that the best time to buy stocks is during bull markets, because the best times are often the most volatile. In an interview this week with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, one of the producers of this week’s film “The War on Cash,” he explained that the “rules” of “market timing” are actually a lie, a scheme to maintain what the industry calls “the confidence game”.

Cramer: So, the stock market is going nowhere, and there’s this “rule” of thumb that says buy long in good times and sell short during bad times. But, the longer you hold on to stocks, the more likely you’re getting paid when they go down.

Savage: That’s right. And the best time to buy high is when things are going up, the worst time is when the market is going down. The time to sell are when they are going way up.

And what is the worst time in the last 50 years to buy stock?

Cramer: It was 2000.

Savage: 2000. The worst time to buy stocks?

Cramer: When the economy is doing really well… or when the unemployment rate is way, way, way up.

Savage: This guy was right. It was like, we’re in the 1990s. He was talking about the best year to buy stock was when everything was going great, and we were getting paid a lot — like $100 billion, or half a trillion dollars, according to one estimate — when the economy was growing faster than anyone expected. Why was it so good?

Cramer: Because they used to pay a lot of money when somebody went down because the market went down, right?

But, the truth is that in the last fifty years, the Fed would have to print billions of dollars for that. So, they had to just pump money into the economy in periods where it wasn’t working. And in the last 25 years or so, the economy is going down. The unemployment rate has been in

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