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This time of year, we can see that the moves are pretty constant. The stock prices tend to increase for the rest of the month, though, if you choose the right time frame.

However, there are a few exceptions to the rule. For example, if you think it’s best not to hold high-priced stocks for a couple of weeks or months, you might want to consider a short-term strategy that makes a few key trades as a way to move in and out of the market at regular intervals.

What’s the best time to be trading?

As stated above, the two most important factors you have to consider when trading are price and moving average. The better prices to buy (or sell) are the ones that can move in and out of your favored holding period at regular intervals.

This may help explain why one of the best time frames to sell (or buy) a stock is as soon as the stock is trading above its moving average.

A chart shows the difference between an average and the current lowest price.

So, once you decide what’s in your best interest, then you have to choose the best time period to execute the trade.

Also, it should make sense that if you know what are the chances you will have your preferred holding period (e.g., the first half of the month, the fourth quarter or the second half of the month), or any other holding period that allows you to make a trade at regular intervals, then you will not get the same results in a move as an investor who doesn’t have such a well defined criteria to choose from.

I am a stock trader — not a stock analyst, an investment banker, or a trader — and this chart provides you with important info about trading and investing (stock market). For technical traders like myself this will not be helpful.

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