Which is more profitable scalping or swing trading? – Short Swing Trading Definition Financial Management

That depends on how you define profit. If you define Profit as the difference between your initial purchase price and the current market price, then you are basically right: scalping or buying low and selling high will pay you higher profits.

I’ll give a hypothetical example to illustrate what I mean… in the case of Bitcoin, if everyone bought at the start and sold a few at the end you’d end up losing a lot more than if you bought high and sold low. You might even have to give up a bit of profit for each sale. This means that you can make a gain of 10% on each Bitcoin purchase, compared to buying low and selling high.

Even if you are not a big Bitcoin enthusiast, you may well be able to profit from some kind of Bitcoin trading. The most obvious example of this would be a market for selling high on a secondary exchange. Another possible source of profit is buying low and selling high on the same day. If such a trade is executed, a profit can be realized.

There is also the chance that a Bitcoin trading strategy is profitable when the market is unusually volatile, although not necessarily on a daily basis. When a price of your Bitcoin decreases by 8% in the past 24 hours, for example, it is probably because a lot of people are selling and want to wait to buy at that price. This happens with all markets, not just Bitcoin, so you can expect to find it in other markets as well.
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For investors who don’t care to buy big and sell cheap, but do know that a Bitcoin trading strategy will be worth it if you end up making a lot of profits, and need to take advantage of some unexpected price fluctuations from time to time, these two ways to profit from Bitcoin trades are probably very similar.

Conclusion – When Do I Sell? [ edit ]

This article was written for traders who may be new to Bitcoin and wish to learn more about how the market works. It should also be handy to traders who want to profit off of unexpected price changes.

Before deciding whether to sell or keep buying, you should consider the following:

Would you be willing to risk your bitcoin for future profits?

Will you still need to buy more Bitcoin when the price drops down, or is it unlikely that the price will ever go down, therefore the potential gain from selling is too small to be worth the uncertainty of future losses?

Have you ever been tempted by an offer of 0% or even 5%

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