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If you’re using this indicator for swing trading the best indicator to use is the volume/value indicator; it is a good indicator when it comes to moving market results.

To use the volume/value indicator, you will need to find the highest and lowest price in the trading area you wish to monitor. Then, you’ll need to find the volume/value for that price by clicking the button below:

Then select “Chart” from the “Options” menu when finished. You can then look at the chart and see how well you did. The chart will only have volume/value for the trade, unless you used the “Chart” option to specify a range, in which case you’ll see a range of prices to be added to and updated for each position, which in turn will tell you the value of a trade.

You will also see “Price/Volume” at the top of the window along with a “Trade List” of the last 200 trades by this trade.

For example, I would like to watch the trading data for 20 different stocks; how do I do this?

To start, click on the “Trading Volume” item in your order history by the order book. In the top right hand corner you’ll see a small square with the name “Volume Chart” inside. This will display the current transaction information for all orders in the market. Click on the “Chart” button and you’ll see this chart on the left hand side of the window.

How do I see the market size for each trade?

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