Which chart is best for trading? – Swing Trading Profit Targets


Here’s an easy comparison: the $20k chart at Motif, which I like a lot more. If the $10k chart was the best, I’d choose that one since the $20k chart is so close to that $10k chart.

Do you want to know the bottom line?

Not yet, let’s see how far you can go in the last month.

Do you have money you’d like to invest?

Yes, 100% of my portfolio is currently invested in stocks.

How much money do you have in your bank account?

The sum of $10k + $5.38 kr + $5.38 kr (100% invested) + $250k + $250k (100% invested) + $200k +

I had no money last time I checked (the numbers are off a bit, but it is still pretty good money).

Here is a summary of my previous trades (since January 2018):

You can see the number of positions, the amount paid, the amount sold and an example of the charts (click on it to enlarge). This information is important as it will help you decide which trade to make, and with which strategy you want to make the most profit.

And this example trades each trading period:

And here is my actual profit in 2018.

Do you have plans to buy more, or change your current strategy?

I already have around $40k invested (the same $10k for stock, 50% invested in stocks; and 50% invested in other assets). I should get all of that in about 10 years.

I would probably change my strategy, it takes more money than it is worth (I can’t get it to work if I pay too much), and sometimes I lose money because my stocks don’t do well. Maybe it would be better to trade some more. As a result, I may just move money into a different investment.

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