Which candlestick pattern is most reliable? – Swing Trading Forex Strategies

Candlestick design, as used in the candlesticks and bannisters, has become a reliable method because there are a number of methods for making the pattern.

In a typical candlestick this method involves an oblong baseplate made from a single piece of metal, a central cylinder section on which are placed two vertical tubes, one connected through the middle to the inner outer tubes, and the other connecting it to the outer tubes. These connections are made by means of a screw (or bolt) set in a vertical tube to the center of the circular baseplates. The tubes are connected, however, to one another with a number of “wires” called rings or spurs, either two-pronged or four-pronged or, in the early period of the candlestick, in a series of three.

The tube has a diameter equal to double the height of the baseplate; this distance is determined in the main by the height of the tube, but the diameter of the baseplate is determined by the length of the horizontal tubes which make up the ring of wires.

A variety of different styles of metal baseplates were used in creating the designs of the candlestick on which they were hung.

This pattern includes the classic style, which has eight rings for a total of 18 or 30 rings on the candlestick. However, most early cambials were made with just four rings, for only eight rings to show; the ring size for the oblong baseplate ranged from three to five inches in height.

The middle style, which used the same pattern as the oblong baseplate, had only six rings for all the rings. The top style was eight rings. However, the rings were not fixed by screws; the ring was fastened by a thin layer of lead. There is some evidence that in the late 18th century the lead was manufactured in different sizes, a process sometimes called “lead filling;” hence, while the top style was eight rings, it had six, the middle style ten, and the bottom style no more than seven rings.

The last style of cambial is described as having eight rings, and some early cambials may have had ten or even as many as twelve.

Another method that was used for making cambials, and which is still used, was to glue a section of metal to one of the wires of the ring spurs of the oblong design, and screw

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