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You probably think that most of the big money-makers in the United States are oil companies. Well, the most profitable money-makers aren’t oil companies. It is energy companies. What does it take to get those oil companies to make money? I’m not willing to say it takes $50 million. I won’t say it takes $50 million. I think it takes $50 million to get the industry up and running. I think the industry will survive and thrive without any outside help, and it’s the energy companies who are the ones who have to stand up. And I would point to the energy companies in particular. We had a report recently from the US Energy Information Agency, which says that there are 11 energy companies in the world that have more than $2 trillion of annual revenue. That’s huge — about $13,000 every American woman.

Why should people get paid to work for oil companies? It’s that simple: There is no way for the United States military or to secure the oil that’s there for us — the Middle East. We’ve got to have these companies come up with money together with their members, come to America and try to make a living. The oil companies are the ones doing the exporting — in fact, a lot of the exporting ends up being to the Middle East. I’d like to see the oil companies make a few million here and a few million there for their shareholders. Because their shareholders are the people who live in our neighborhoods.

When does Bernie Sanders go away from foreign policy? I don’t think he will ever go away from foreign policy, although there are differences between him and Bush in ways on where the United States has gone wrong, how we got involved in the Afghan and Iraq wars in the first place and not doing enough to do more to support other countries in Africa and Latin America, in Asia. He’ll still want to try to build strong alliances that protect American interests and have a strong international presence — but I don’t think there’s ever going to be any time when he gets out of this foreign policy business and says, Let’s get rid of this, let’s get back to the Cold War. I think he has the capacity to do so. The question is how he’s going to be able to sell that.

FORTUNE — What is it about the United States’ electoral college system that makes it so easy for a candidate to capture only his or her party’s nominations?

That’s the question that I posed to my colleague

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