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Sma50 is a fork of sma.c/c, designed for the GNOME 3 desktop and GNOME 3.12. It offers very little in the way of major changes and is mostly a minor patch to the original upstream project. The main features of Sma50 are: – Support for x86/x86_64 Linux Kernel – Support for ARM Linux Kernel. – Support for GCC 4.7, -march=arm64 -mfpu=atmega32u4 Support for other devices will be added in the near future. Sma50 can be installed on top of Sma, so it is possible to install Sma50 and then install Sma. If you use a desktop environment like Gnome, we recommend that you install Sma50 as a “theme”. This way, all your settings and settings for the whole system can be easily managed with your new sma50 theme. Please use the “Add a new theme” button near the bottom of the menu. * Where can I get Sma50? Sma50 can be found in our download section under the GNU General Public License at: ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/sma/ * How can I contribute to Sma50? See the contribution instructions below. * How can I check the status of the latest version? Go to the project web page and check the status and progress of the latest release here: http://code.google.com/p/sma50/status/ * Will there be a next release? Yes, there will be a next release at some time in the future. Thanks!


12/02/2009 Sma50 3.2 beta and 3.1 beta releases Released.

11/27/2009 Sma50 3.0 beta released Sma50 3.0 released.

11/26/2009 Sma50 3.0 and 3.0.2 releases Released.

11/26/2009 Sma50 3.0 beta bugfix release.

11/26/2009 Sma50 3.0 stable release.

11/23/2009 Sma503 and 3.1 stable releases Released.

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11/22/2009 Sma50 3.0 stable release.

01/18/2009 Added gkbsdk support for ARM32

01/18/2009 Add missing libgsl for ARM64.

01/17/2009 Improved C

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