What is considered a swing trader? – Free Swing Trade Stock Picks

If you are at the highest level of the game, you are regarded as a swing trader. If you are below you are not.

I can’t decide whether I want to swing or pass (or if I want to play if I can stay with them).

This is a big issue for us, to the extent that we have developed several trading guidelines that we follow daily.

What do you use to track the market?

There are many different systems available for tracking the market, but we use a system called the “Trading System”. It is very simple – simply the difference between what the price is and what the price will be is displayed on your screen in yellow on the top for trading purposes.

How do you choose stocks with your account setup?

When the account is set up, you’ll find it in the “Trading System” menu as the name suggests (it also shows up when opening the game). This includes your trading settings: your location (EU and American), your price, time window, size, type of trade (buy/sell) and more.

After the account is set up, stock trading is controlled by selecting a stock which is currently trading (in this case “Traders Edge”). You’ll have access to your other stocks as well, so if you don’t want to enter any and just focus on a stock, select it in the list and get to trading.

Do you use a strategy for the position you are in?

Yes. By default we always use a “long” strategy for each position (long to short). We then set our “short” strategy (short to hold) once a day, depending on how much we think that stock is trading against.

What are the different options?

The order book is divided into two sections by stocks: Stocks A and B. These stocks have their own “orders”, and you can always see all the positions in that section by entering in the “Short” search bar. This searches all positions for each stock in the above “Stocks A” and “Stocks B” sections.

What is the best time to enter into a trade when?

Most traders prefer to enter and trade on a daily basis. To make it easy for you, all the stocks are listed on a new page which you can view each day.

Do you use your balance on a real time basis?

No, we don’t,

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