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Forex is a term that describes the price movement of a currency in a currency market. A swing trade is when the currency markets have price movements that are opposite the prices of the currencies traded or exchanged in forex. Stocks trade by moving in one direction, shares by moving in the same direction, and currencies trade by the same direction.

The basic concept behind swing trade is the movement of the currency on its way from lows to highs. By moving from the lows to the highs a currency enters into the “swing equilibrium”.

What’s a forex futures exchange?

Forex futures exchange is used by traders to exchange currencies, whether from one currency to another, between 2 countries, or from one country to another, as well as to exchange currencies at a market rate.

A forex futures exchange is a commodity and it needs to be managed as such in order to ensure its long term value. Trading Forex is regulated by the CFTC. In order to open a futures account with the CFTC you must have a basic technical analysis and trading strategy before you can open a derivatives account.

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