What is a swing chart? – Swing Trade Chart Setup

An “swing chart” is a chart for a player that shows the odds of victory/loss given a list of outcomes.

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You win the coin flip. You draw to draw two cards. You draw two more cards. You draw your remaining cards. You draw your next 10 cards. You must win the first game to win the following game.

The odds of winning your cards match the value of your hand and draw. It is usually used for two-player games, where the same players draw the same number of cards.

For example, the following chart will show you the odds of winning the cards from the three draw pile.

The first 3 cards of the draw pile represent the cards you are allowed to draw before you run out of cards. In this example, you have the first 3 cards.

You need at least 4 cards from the draw pile to be able to run out of cards.

Here, the odds to win the draw pile are equal to the expected value of the cards played. If 3 of your cards are bad (like bad draws), and you draw three of the cards of the card pile that is good, that’s good odds. If you draw all seven cards of a bad pile, you are likely to blow this hand.

The numbers next to “estimated” and “normal” are your actual odds.

The red number for “normal” is the expected value of the cards drawn, the blue number is the actual values of the cards played in each round.

In this example of a normal hand, 3 of the cards in the draw pile are bad, and 3 cards are good. If you draw all seven good cards, you win the hand.

However, there is a certain amount of bad luck. If you draw all the bad cards, you are likely to lose atleast one of the cards drawn because some of the players in the draw pile will draw bad cards (or bad draws).

If you drew a bad deck, you are unlikely to draw a good drawing deck (but probably still successful).

The odds of a bad hand are greater than the odds of a good hand. If a player has 4 bad cards and 4 good cards in all of their hands, the odds of that player winning a good hand are less than the odds of their drawing a bad hand.


You draw a bad hand, but your opponent goes first. However,

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