What are the best stocks to swing trade? – What Is A Swing Trading Strategy

“Investor’s Choice,” says Michael Wirth at the National Association of Professional Financial Advisors, “is a big play in stocks you may not have heard of.”

This is where you can “go for it” on stocks by picking one with reasonable upside and low downside for a long-term play.

If this doesn’t sound like your jam, you can “pick” on stocks with low prices based on recent trades.

For example, Wirth suggests you trade a company that has a recent strong finish.

For example, if it has had a 10% gain in the last six months, Wirth says, then it’s likely to have a short-term bounce ahead.

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A stock with short-term profit and high valuations can be a great pick in this category.

Another great buy is a stock trading near or over its 50-day moving average, since that shows momentum in the sector.

Another stock you may pick is a stock with a lower-than-expected return but upside potential.

Even if the stock doesn’t hit 50% in a few months, it’s likely to show some growth and the price should be rising as well.

The bottom line: If your market is currently in bear mode, a pick can be a great way to make money in short order without the risk of losing your money.

For the most part, Wirth says, this strategy requires some technical understanding.

Some experts call this area of trading “trading in the dark.”

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