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What are the worst stocks to buy? Why do some stocks have more “punch” than others? Find out in this week’s edition of the Trading Charts, Volume Forecast, Short Trade and Short Selling.

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In the last few days I have been reading an amazing series of books by the great John Scalzi. The first book in the series is “The Expanse.” Here is a summary of what I have seen so far about the science in this series:

Suffice it to say that I agree with John that “The Expanse” is very good science fiction, but I have to admit, I am surprised by the science, and by the fact that there has been so little critical examination of such a dense series.

Now I am not going to spoil much in terms of the ending as that may be part of the point of the book. But I will say, the science is compelling, and to really get to the essence of this series it isn’t all about the science. It is also about characters and storytelling, and the characters are really compelling. I can’t think of a character I liked more in these books.

If you don’t like science fiction and if you are not interested in science, go out and read some non-science fiction with characters that reflect your values and interests. You will be amazed at how science fiction is really very engaging in ways that you rarely find in science fiction.

The Expanse is by far the best science fiction series I have read so far.

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