Is it possible to trade for a living? – Swing Trading For Dummies

Maybe. That’s the ultimate question. If a person sells their car and doesn’t have enough money to buy them another one, and they can get another vehicle for the same price, that might even be something they might consider doing.

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In my own situation, when I was 18 (and I’m in college now) I actually tried it. I got a job at McDonald’s, but I would get a car for about a buck a day and a free day at school, and every time I had a new car I’d sell it for that same price. My friend and I both drove cars as we were working at McDonald’s, sometimes with our friends, more often with a total of two other people. We were really good at it, I guess – it was something I wanted to pursue. And, hey, I was going to college for a year, so it would probably be cheaper than buying a new car.

And the funny part of it was, of course, we went to work at the same restaurant. So we all got that thing, and we were all paid the same wages. And we would drive each other to work, and we would meet at McDonald’s and get our jobs, and then I’d get a burger and she’d get a cupcake, or I would get a drink and she would just get one of things. I really wanted to work there – I think it’s a nice place to work. I’d go in there once in a while to get the free stuff to pay the rent.

But after a couple of years, I had gotten bored and quit. So when I was 18, I went back to university to have a higher education, and that was kind of where I got the idea for doing this – to move from McDonald’s to something I wanted to do, and to then sell it at its value to get a new one.


You said you went down this route, but then we get into a question about getting paid to “work” in a place…

Yeah, that’s right. I had some friends working full time at the restaurant chain. A few years ago, someone who did a part-time job there decided that he had enough money and was willing to work there full time. And so they’d hire us all together with the money they were making off of the new workers, just to work with them full time. It was great for us. It worked out really well, and we got

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