How much money can you realistically make day trading? – Swing Trade Scanner Settings

In my experience, if I am trading a high frequency account, I need very little daily income. I can expect to earn an income of around $100 dollars a week. I can then spend on a range of activities, including food, entertainment, education , and travel. In my opinion, if you are trading an account with high volume of daily trading, it is worth spending on the day trading account.

How likely is it that the stock will remain at or close to what it is now?

While I don’t recommend the trading of a low volume account, if you are trading a margin account, the probability of the stock being sold out in your trade is not much higher. It is just one of those things that happens every day, and we all deal with the reality of it.
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How does volume play into the stock’s price?

Volume plays a very small part of the price of an ETF. Volume is affected by a number of factors including: how quickly you get alerts from ETF reporting firms, how often you trade, how many traders are using your account, and whether your account provides liquidity. As an example, for a high volume ETF with little volume, a high alert rate, and minimal trading volume, the price is about 5 times a day lower than if the ETF had the same number of traders using the account.

With respect to the volume-based ETFs that I list as trading investments , volume seems to play a much larger role. The same ETF is often traded in a different order and it may be possible for one trade to push an ETF higher, and lower another.

How do I determine if I own the correct amount of shares?

One thing to keep in mind when determining if you own the correct amount of shares is that you own the shares at their current market price, not the trading value based on your trading history. If it looks like you want to buy more shares later on, then buy the shares at that price and you will likely be able to trade them for that price in future trades. Keep in mind, however, that price manipulation on ETFs is a thing.

Do I pay my account a fee for each trade?

Yes, there are fees associated with each trade and if you are trading on multiple accounts, each may have a different trading fee.

Does my account have any other trading services?

No, the ETF trading service that I use allows me to sell shares at our quote,

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