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Leaderboards are based on a combination of in-game achievements and in-game achievements that are tracked and tracked in accordance with the current version of the API’s standard, so to get the best leaderboards results, you’re strongly advised to use the best player’s API access.

How do I play leaderboards I’ve created?

As always during our official beta period, leaderboards are open for everyone. No one is required to submit their results until the leaderboards are open to all. The leaderboard scores can be submitted in any format you want, as long as it can be parsed from official game data at that time. However, the scores must be generated using official game data.

How do I get my API key?

If you haven’t done so already or are not using the official API access, the easiest way to get your API keys, and get access to the latest data, is a simple HTTP POST. Go to our website at this URL: “” and enter your account username and password. Once the request is received, we will send you your API key.

When should I update my API key and why?

We strongly recommend that all people who are using the official API access to their access key. All members of the Blizzard API team are expected to always follow this protocol.

Why is our API key not showing up in the “Key” box on my Account?

The Account credentials are provided in a format that needs to be parsed from official game data (not your account credentials). In order to fully utilize our API, we recommend that you do not leave this format in, as that could cause additional complexity when trying to use the API. Instead, use the key that is in the appropriate “Key” column on the right side of your Account dashboard.

Why will my API key not work with Hearthstone or Hearthstone-related API?

This is a Blizzard issue that affects most accounts that are used by the Hearthstone team to create accounts for Blizzard games. While it is impossible for us to change this in the future, we may be able to offer any API keys it requires in the future should we need them.

Why can’t I see a card in my profile?

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