How do you trade swing highs and swing lows?

If I am in an advantageous position, in terms of value, I might look for an opportunity on the swing-high side of that trade. I’ll pick up a swing-high position in return as that might be as an extension or extension-like thing I can trade off to a guy who is in a position to possibly move a high-value player.

In a sense, you’re like a sports-team owner who is looking to give an extension to your own guy; you think, “Well, if I have him here, I can buy him out and give myself the right of first refusal on a long-term extension. And I can then say to other teams, ‘Gee, you may have thought that I was a bit overpaid that year, but I’m worth a heck of a lot more now.’

The difference is, it’s so easy to trade a swing-high swing-high right now — and as easy to trade a swing-high swing-high in general. The trade is that you’re making it easier for that guy who is on the swing-high side to move down to a position you really value and can buy, or you’re doing it so you can keep yourself out of trouble with a team that might be trying to buy one of your guys. That may be the way the rules are written right now, and that may be why teams tend to trade a lot and take their time; they don’t want to make a mistake and make things happen.

This is really the case with the Yankees, and the Mets, who are both in a position where they might be tempted to make a run for a player, only they can’t quite figure out how they’re going to do it. That’s one reason why, if you’re looking at the Yankees right now, it’s really interesting to see what sort of deals they would entertain or not, because they have this team that’s playing extremely well and is getting a ton of runs. It’s been a good week to trade, and you’re seeing teams start to go out and do a trade that they have thought of, but they don’t know what to do.

How important is it to get to the postseason?

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I’d say it’s extremely important. I don’t think the playoffs are where that market would be, because that team is likely to go 10-15 games out of the playoffs. But that was the first time this year where the Yankees weren’t doing well