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First, make sure that your stock is trading at a reasonable price (see our guide to stock selection tips for more information about how to choose the perfect stock). Next, select a stock trading pair (also known as a price pair). This means that you want a stock trading pair that’s similar price-weighted to the total amount you’re short.

That will give you a price range that will be in line with the average spread above and below (see our guide to stock selection tips for more information on how to select stocks for high-volume trading).

You should note that a popular stock trading pair isn’t the same as a great stock for trading. To make a sound pick, you’ll need to be in the market for several different market-cap stocks trading at relatively similar spreads—and they’re likely to have some price resistance or price support. Some of the stocks in our list have price patterns similar to stocks in the S&P 500 (the most widely traded stock in the world).

If you want to trade a stock that’s overvalued, you should check the technical indicators (short or long) to see if the stock moves in a way expected by the short positions on the chart. If there is no movement during the time period (or very few) that you’re concerned about, you might choose to avoid the stock.

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