How can you tell swing highs and swing lows? – Learn Free Swing Trading Strategies

It’s a combination of the wind direction, height or direction at the time of the swing, and the swing time. High swing highs are those time above 30° of latitude. Low swing highs are those time below 30° of latitude.

How do we find swing highs and swing lows?

Using the data we did have, and the trends we noted and measured, we found one major trend we believe is important, and that is that highs are on the rise. That means, we believe, that in the last four years, there’s been a rise in the value of the dollar. And if that’s the case, then we think that’s important to look at.

Is it just a U.S thing?

Yes. It is, globally, a global thing. And the trend we observed was that the U.S. started off lower than almost every other advanced country in the world when we began analyzing the values in 2008.

Why did you pick the start years so they’re all higher now?

We did, in fact, take the numbers of countries that have been the dominant economies for the last 30, 40, 50 years, based on some historical research that I mentioned. And then I looked at the period right around 2008, and found what I believe is the top 10 countries that each began their years as the dominant economic power.

Can you give examples of the countries who started their years as the dominant countries?

Well, one is Brazil. I think it’s safe to say if you’re looking for the world’s dominant economy, at least in those time frames, you would look at that and say this is certainly a strong contender.

Brazil, as you said, was the biggest economy, in terms of volume.

Actually, you are probably right, because Brazil’s GDP at the end of 2010 was slightly higher than the U.S.’s GDP as of the end of 2009.

Wells Fargo Bank analysts have said that Brazil’s economy is facing a potential crisis. Is that due to the crisis you’re studying?

Brazil is the world’s fourth biggest economy according to the IMF. And that number is very, very close to the top 10 list, so it’s kind of hard to dispute it, but it’s important for people to have a view on the size of this economy.

What, do you mean we’re talking about a financial crisis? What do you mean that we’re talking about

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