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For beginners, we’d advise looking at the trade tools that are a good starting point for swing trading.

Start by checking out a website such as TradeStation in addition to any other tools you may have on your desk.

Use a free online tool such as TradeStation Premium to start building your portfolio, or download and install the trade-viewing app of your choice for a free trial.

Once you are comfortable with a few of the tools in TradeStation, they’ll automatically update to the most current software in the trading space.

If you’re not comfortable with TradeStation, try the TradeStation Interactive platform. It’s completely free and has everything you might need to keep up with your investments. The Interactive tool is available on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

How do I buy and sell stocks?

You can buy stocks using either short or long positions. For short positions, trade on stocks that are in your short (short-term) trading profile. For example, you could buy shares of Intel or Google with a position of $50,000 (short $50,000), buy shares of Intel with $100,000 (long $100,000) and sell with $30,000 (short $30,000).

By holding a short position, you could eventually see gains when a stock breaks out of the $50,000 short market. If your stock trades at $50,000/share, and goes to anywhere between $60,000 and $50,000/share for a long position, then your short position should pay off with gains of at least 10%.

You can also trade stocks using long positions. For example, you could have a long position on Comcast and a short position on Google. At that point, you would simply buy Google shares at $50,000; however, at $60,000 when you hold a position of $70,000, your short positions will also pay back with 10% gains in both directions.

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You have a maximum of seven (7) trading days in which you can use a short position to short buy and sell any stock. Each trading day, you’ll have two (2) trading days to sell or buy any stock on your portfolio. If you trade on Monday and sell on Wednesday, then you’ll have five (5) trading days to trade.

You are allowed to trade for one (1) trading day for each stock that you buy. Therefore, for

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